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Glass Splash backs

Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass has so many options colours and uses in the modern home. Back painted glass can be used for complete wall coverings in shower cubicles, or complete bathrooms.The glass can be cut and drilled to suit existing designs, or new projects. The colour range is massive - in fact, any standard RAL colour, any Dulux trade reference colour, even metallic flex, LED lights, and patterns can be added to the glass or even in the glass. We offer cut-outs for sockets, taps mixers, irregular shaped walls - even work tops with drainers and grooves.
Glass is the ultimate option for a modern, personalized look and as a project is far more cost effective than you may think. In many cases, the cost of installing glass is far cheaper and quicker than traditional tiles, with the added benefit that glass is finished in a day! No grout to clean, no grout discolouration and minimal joints - just one smooth hygienic surface to wipe over.

We can offer a supply only service delivered to your door with a complete fitting kit, or a complete service to survey, supply and install - the choice is yours. Every piece of glass is Custom-m-a-d-e and lead times are 2-4 weeks from order depending on complexity and design.
It is impossible to show every sample we have, but our gallery shows just a few in the sample section and some of the many applications in the projects Gallery. Feel free to contact us (even with approximate measurements) and we will provide a personal quote to meet and exceed your expectations. 

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