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Metalwork, Architectural Design & Engineering

UV Bonding

Glass & Metal with invisible joints

UV bonding technology allows us to bond two pieces of glass invisibly to each other. Even metal to glass can be bonded, leaving no visible glue line. UV bonding can be used to create glass boxes and cabinets for display purposes, or for small shelves and even balustrade brackets.The process and tools required for this work are specialist and the bonding strength is only as good as the preparation. We use the Bohle approved system for our joints with Pyrosil preparation to give maximum strength. In almost all cases, the joint is stronger than the glass!
The glue is applied and cured using an ultra violet light, and we have a range of hardware available to suit most applications, from locks and handles to hinges.
If you have a project that would benefit from this type of finish please give us a ring. There are some design constraints that we will happily discuss with you. We offer this service as a site subcontractor or as manufactured in-house projects - just let us know what you need, because the chances are that it can be Custom M-a-d-e.

Contact us : info@custommade-uk.co.uk