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LED Board

This is a revolutionary product helping to shape interiors around the world. This unique design boasts an even light distribution with no light and dark spots.This is a very versatile product and can be used for stair treads and risers, walk on floor panels, shelves, light wells, kitchen kick boards, kitchen splash backs to name a few.At custom-made we can laminate this product to glass, lay graphics over the outside to create patterns and textures and with our RGB version you can change the colour to suit your mood in the home, or to suit your current sales theme in your shop window.This product is manufactured in Italy and made to order. Strips as small as 30mm can be cut and units can have cut outs, be shaped, even holes for hanging. The electrical connection can be located to suit your project as every unit is Custom made.The light comes in different temperatures and can be dimmed. The unit is cold running and hence safe for children and public spaces.Just think no more light boxes behind glass with old light bulbs to service. This unit is just 18mm thick and can be fixed straight to the wall with our bracket system in a relatively quick time in comparison making this a very attractive option, not only in terms of running costs which are very low due to LED technology, but also in terms of ongoing service costs.
If you have a project you think could benefit from this please feel free to contact us - we'd love to talk about this versatile exciting new concept, it could be more cost effective than you think.

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