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Sprayed Metal Finish

Sprayed metal finishing is the answer to many of the decorative problems metal workers have suffered for many years. As a rule, creating decorative intricate items in metals such as brass, bronze and pewter has not only been very difficult but exceptionally expensive, affording itself only the most affluent of clientele. Well, times are changing and here at Custom-M-a-d-e we can now offer a sprayed metal finish to almost any substrate, including hardened resins, plastic and, most importantly, timber. Don't be fooled into thinking this an imitation of the the material you seek - it's not! This is an actual coating of the material in question, sprayed onto a primer coat and making a surface finish between 1/4 and 1/2mm thick. The surface acts exactly as you would expect. Mild steel will be magnetic and rust if untreated, and bronze and brass will develop verdigris. As with all materials, they can be polished and etched to create literally thousands of finishes. These items can then be lacquered with soft coat or gloss, or matt finished to preserve their appearance. When showing anyone our samples, it takes several minutes to realize and accept what this finish is, and open the doors to some exciting new designs, products and services. If you have a project you think could benefit from this style of finish, whether it be a worktop, skirting board or Bronze French door set, give us a ring or email us to discuss your ideas- the options are endless!

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