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Paul Mintern - Fairlight

" I contacted Custom Made after having very poorly fitted balustrades by a well known Glazing Company, they had supplied the wrong type of glass and fitted them extremely badly. I live in a very exposed coastal, cliff top location often experiencing winds in excess of 80 mph, the balustrades actually fell down from a first floor balcony and also cracked in numerous locations on lower balustrades I have.

We wanted to keep the sleek look of glass balustrades but were obviously very nervous of this. Tristan from Custom Made visited our property and immediately we felt confident in his ability to supply us what we wanted, he took time to explain in detail the correct type of glass and fittings to use, and assured us that Custom Made could meet the challenge.

Custom Made installed the new balustrades before the winter when we experience the worst of the weather, and I was a bit nervous on the first occasion that the wind got up, but there was no need to the glass was as solid as I could ask for. It was really good to be able to not worry about the glass cracking or blowing down.

I am really impressed with all aspects of the service that I received from Custom Made, Tristan and all his staff are fantastic to deal with and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them."